Just because we’re slow bringing you our art, doesn’t mean that we can’t bring you someone else’s! Check out this amazing comic book collage art by artist, Mike Alcantara. Click the Joker (if you dare) to see some more of his cool comic art, courtesy of

That’s right! Mega-fans, Craig and Denise. are back and were front and center at two of Texas’ premiere conventions: the Dallas Comic Con and Houston’s Comicpalooza. We’re always thrilled to see pics from their missions and can’t wait to share them with you.
Thanks again, Craig and Denise. We hope to join you at a convention soon!
Comicpalooza 01
Are you down with Colonel Clown?
Comicpalooza 02
Colonel Clown hanging out with Codex from The Guild.

We know it’s been a while since we’ve released an issue (and we DO have the next one in the pipeline) but since one of us is in the process of a major move and the other is overwhelmed with work, we’ve had to move CC production along at a snail’s pace.
We’d like to thank all our fans for their patience and we’d like to share some kind words from Apple user: praetorian75 posted on the App Store. We hope we’re living up to all of these accolades (except releasing issues in a timely manner).
Thanks again, everyone!
Long-time Comic Fan Says Well Worth the Price ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

by praetorian75
As a long-time comic book fan, I’ve seen many different “interactive” ways to view comics online and on various devices. Let’s face it, most of them are horrible.
Clown Commandos takes comic reading to a truly interactive level by enabling sound effects, zooms, swiping, and various other features. It’s a very innovative app, and one that I’m very very pleased with.
Not only are the stories good and funny, but the artwork is top-notch, the sound effects have just the right amount of cheese for this comic, and the quality of the app is great, too. I’ve never had it crash even once, which is more than I can say for a lot of Apple-branded apps.
Plus, the creators are doing things right – answering emails, putting out great content on a regular basis, and making sure the latest and greatest iOS updates are factored in. Overall, one of the best apps on the store. Well done, ladies and gents!



Thanks for all the kind words about the long-awaited Issue #10! And remember, kids. We have the easter eggs going in the issue, too so get out there and explore the whole screen! If fact, see if you can find the big one in this issue. We think it is the best of the best!!

UPDATE: A new powered Unicycle has entered the fight. Check the bottom of this article for a pic and a video of the RYNO. We know Colonel Clown would approve of that fat tire!

Just as Star Trek predicted the arrival of real-life personal communicators and automatic doors (still waiting for transporters, though), Clown Commandos has inadvertantly predicted the arrival of automatic unicycles! Check out Focus Designs‘ latest self-balancing unicycle — the SBU V3!
Truly hands-free, experience a new way to travel — whether you’re zipping down the local market or running down the bad guys with a loaded seltzer pistol. Get yours HERE.
Now we just need companies to come up with Rubber Chicken Nunchucks and Happy Bombs.

See below for the SBU in action — test piloted by Mythbusters‘ own Adam Savage!






With yesterday’s release of the latest issue of Batwoman, we here at Big Red Boot Entertainment would like to point out our small homage to all things bat. You know us, if you can’t find all our Easter eggs, tributes, and inside jokes, we’re happy to splat them onto your face like a big key lime pie.
Of course, we’re talking about the bat-tread on the bottom of the bat-boot. It’s all about the branding, my friends, even when it comes to boot tread. You see, Batman artists have been doing this for years. So, as a tribute to one of our favorite dark knights, we decided to step in line, as it were, with our logo carved into the tread of the Clown Commandos red floppy boots. Below are just a couple of examples.
Download the series and see how many more you can find? Or just keep an eye out for any other geeky inside jokes we throw in. They may not make everyone laugh but they certainly entertain us.




For Issue #10, Clown Commandos got to play a small part in a long-running Sound Design tradition/tomfoolery! We added the famous Wilhelm Scream into the above scene. You say that you’re NOT familiar with the world-famous Wilhelm Scream? Sir, and/or Madam … we beg to differ! In fact, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve heard it many times in one of your favorite movies or TV shows.
If you don’t know already, here’s what we’re talking about… Back in 1951, a post-production sound was recorded for a western called Distant Drums. This scream was used often in the film and ended up being kept as a sound effect standard. It got its name when it was used in the 1953 western The Charge at Feather River where a cowboy named Wilhelm was shot by an arrow. Of course, this over-the-top scream helped redirect the audience’s attention away from the fact that there could actually be a cowboy named Wilhelm.
From that point on, the Wilhelm Scream had been added to soundtracks as an inside joke by Sound Engineers everywhere. The gag was mainly propagated by the sound designer on the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies, Ben Burtt.
Be sure to download Clown Commandos Issue 10 to see how we used it. And have fun with this Wilhelm compilation we found on Youtube.


It looks as if Steve Jobs’ stolen iPad ended up in the hands of … a clown!
“Earlier this week, it was revealed that Steve Jobs’ home had been burglarized last month, with a thief entering the under-renovation house and taking over $60,000 worth of property including several iMacs and iPads, Tiffany jewelry, and Steve Jobs’ wallet with $1 in it.
The San Jose Mercury News now reports that one of those stolen iPads ended up in the hands of “Kenny the Clown”, a local clown who performs shows for kids and tourists in the Bay Area. Kenny was given the iPad by his friend Kariem McFarlin, the thief who has admitted to his crime.”


Read the rest of the story HERE.
Now, don’t let a clown get his painted hands on your iPad. But if you want some clowns IN your iPad, get the Clown Commandos app today!
See how we worked in that plug there?


After a terribly long production delay, we’re proud to announce the release of Clown Commandos Issue #10: Battle for the Nose! Get the app from the iTunes Store HERE and check back next week as we post a couple of hints and tips to discover some of this issue’s Easter eggs.


We just wanted to let you know that we’ve just sent Clown Commandos Issue 10 off to Apple for approval! We’re sorry that it’s been delayed and even though late releases are common in the comic book world, we try very hard to get these issues out in a timely manner.
As we’ve gotten to know many of our fans (and they’ve come to know us) many of you realize that Clown Commandos is not our full-time job—although we wish it was. Therefore, this project often takes backseat to our real jobs. We’ve been busy of late, which is great in the freelance world, but not so great for fans keeping up with the story. Again, we apologize for the delay and hope you understand.
We think you’ll enjoy this issue (we always have a great time making them) and we’ll let you know a soon as it garners Apple’s approval and becomes available for download.

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