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Okay… it’s a small world in a big comic convention. What are the chances of this??? To add some gags to the convention table, Scott was able to modify an action figure to replicate a prototype of the Colonel Clown action figure. He got lucky by finding the Spawn: Al Simmons action figure. It was perfect! This figure had all the right commando elements. Now he just needed to add the clown elements to it.
Turns out, this figure was sculpted by Gabriel Marquez–a VERY talented sculptor. Please check out his site here to see his AMAZING work! See below the Spawn: Albert-Francis-Simmons figure. Scott didn’t know of this particular artist at the time he purchased the Spawn character.

Scott was then was able to modify the character to resemble a prototype of a possible Colonel Clown action figure. He started with just a basic repaint with normal model paints. He then added some Sculpey to mimic the clown size boots, his hair, the Happy Bombs, the cigar and of course…. his signature nose.
Here is the final product:

Now here is where things get crazy. At Comicpalooza, a kind gentlemen started to inspect the Colonel Clown action figure. Scott goes into his schpiel, “that is the COLONEL CLOWN ACTION FIGURE… from the “battle of the big top. etc.” Seeing that the man was interested in the detail of the character, Scott continued, “I took an original Spawn character and modified it from there.” The man replied, “Yeah. I can tell… I saw that from across the room. It is one of my sculptures.”
Scott went all deer-in-the-headlights on him and uttered… “aaaahhhh… I hope that it’s cool? I just was trying to make a clown. I… ahhh…” “Oh sure,” the man said, “Cool stuff!” When Scott realized who had just inspected his figure, he grabbed the CC figure and ran over to Gabriel’s booth and got a shot with him and the CC action figure. Scott stood there in awe and realized the scope of work that Gabriel had done. Scott owned at least 4 – 5 of the characters Gabriel had at his table!!! Wow… nice day when you get to meet one of your heroes and you didn’t even know who he was! Very cool.


We’re both pretty drained from Comicpalooza and probably won’t go through all of our finds, pics, and new friends’ contact info until next week so check back later in the week for more pics from our first comicon!
But… here are some shots to tide you over…


And we enjoyed a Roller Derby scrimmage featuring (friends of iPhone app, programmer extraordinaire, Bill Shirley) the ladies of Houston Roller Derby.

Day two of Comicpalooza was much busier. We met many great characters (as you can see below), had several people previewing our comic book app, and had quite a few folks sign up for our raffle (check back next week to see who wins).
Scott met fellow artist/publisher Mark Nasso in artist alley ( Scott really enjoyed his style and admired his presence at the show (he took some notes for next time).
Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and we’ll see you tomorrow!






Clown Commandos issue #4 is finished and has been submitted to Apple for approval! We’re very excited about this issue as it is the first of two issues featuring Italian artist Andrea Confransicsco. You can see right away that he as strong anime influences and we’re happy to showcase the Clowns in his unique style.
So, if you haven’t already, DOWNLOAD the official app and check back for the release of Clown Commandos Issue #4: Step Right Up.
It’s almost showtime!

As we get close to releasing the next issue (with talented artist, Luis Rivera), we’re also very excited about some of the other artists we’re working with. One of the best things about working on this project is our chance to see the Clown Commandos in so many cool and different styles.
Issues 00 and 01 feature the team of Sebastian Lonegro and Aleta Vidal (with cover by Rudolf Montemayor). Issues 02 and 03 feature the work of Luis Rivera. And here are some sneak peaks from future issues featuring the work of…
Andrea Confransicsco:
Diego Toro:
Guillermo Angel:
Whether your a fan of the series or just a comic book fan in general, you can clearly see that we get to work with some talented people. We’re quite excited and just had to show you what to look forward to with the continuing series of Clown Commandos!